Thai Massage

This form of bodywork incorporates assisted stretching with rhythmic pressure along energy or Sen lines to allow the recipient to enter into a relaxed and open state. Often called “lazy man’s yoga” the sessions are indeed just that – a slow and mostly passive practice that deeply connects breath and movement held in an intentional space of Metta (Pali) or “loving kindness”. The rhythm established has a powerful effect on the nervous system; inviting surrender that allows the body to pattern back into balance. It is a lovely blend of energy work and physical manipulation that effectively relieves muscular tension and improves range of motion, flexibility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, and overall mood by balancing the nervous system and boosting immune system function.

What to Expect & Wear

The client remains dressed in loose and comfortable clothing throughout the session and lies on a padded mat on the floor. Little to no oil will be used as the slowly choreographed treatment utilizes traction, stretching, and pressure to access release of tension and immobility. Heated herbal compresses maybe used to invite extra softening and relaxation. Flying therapeutics may or may not be included.