Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy Sessions

What is it?

A gentle and non-invasive approach to health though balancing of the body’s chakra system and subtle energy field for vibrant health and wholeness.

This is a subtle form of bodywork based on the principle that all matter vibrates to a specific frequency, and that by the use of resonant vibration techniques balance of the entire body can be restored. As energetic beings we carry variable and changing vibrations within and around the body. Our physical form composes the densest of this vibrational matter, emotional form less so, followed by thought form, and our spiritual body being the most subtle of our experience. Through tuning into these subtle frequencies the aim of this work is to assist the release of negative lower vibrations or dis-ease (negative thought patterns, negative emotional patterning, etc) and bring in a higher resonance pattern where dis-ease can no longer hold. Our health and wellness rests upon the continuous ability to receive and release energy without holding, blocking, or imbalance of its forms. Any disruption to the flow of life force energy creates susceptibility to compromised health and vitality.  Information accessible through the subtle energy field (sometimes called electromagnetic or bioenergetic) and chakra system assists in cultivating self-awareness, healing trauma, changing mind body patterns that hold imbalance, and expansion of consciousness.

It is through raising awareness of our bodies, emotions, and thoughts that we may understand our individual ways to regain and/or stabilize vibrant health. This self-awareness empowers us to create the changes necessary to live in a way we feel is nourishing and joyous. This is a chance to slow down and allow your body to communicate with you. To deepen an understanding of why you feel the way you do and how to maintain or change it. A gentle reminder to love ourselves and our challenges.

What is it Like?

The client will lie comfortably clothed on a massage table and will receive hands on work that entails a light contact to help manipulate and read the energy present.  As each individual is unique so will his/her treatment be. According to your needs different resonant vibration techniques may be used such as singing bowls, tuning forks, and aromatherapy (Young Living Oils). Most people experience a deep relaxation and enhanced feeling of well-being at the end of a session. This is induced through the relationship each chakra has to a major nerve plexus and the central and autonomic nervous systems are promoted to calm, relieving stress and the common over stimulation many people experience in daily life. This work affects you wholly; your entire being moves toward harmonious integration and the body’s innate healing ability is enabled and catalyzed.

What is it for?

A number of common complaints maybe beneficially affected as this practice addresses restoring your unique balance through treating at the root of unwanted symptoms/circumstances. To name a few it can ease anxiety, depression, pain, emotional distress, mental fogginess, etc. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine but rather a complementary and integrative approach to health that can accelerate and ease the healing process.

The Chakra System / Human Aura

Though there is some variation of chakra depictions among different cultures the most well known system recognizes seven main chakras of the body that correlate to layers that extend outside the body and comprise the human aura. The chakras are energy centers that process external and internal stimulus and govern the way we relate to our internal and external environments. They reflect our health, traits, and challenges through the way they function. Each chakra corresponds with a major nerve ganglia branching out of the spine, along with a major endocrine gland, and localized organs weaving an intricate tapestry with the physical body. Through these connections a healing response can be stimulated in the body through treating the chakras; truly acting on the source of dysfunction-not just the symptoms. Distortion or imbalance of the chakras can show up to us in many ways including pain, discontent, anxiety, depression, etc. Chronic disorders point to a long term energetic imbalance that has been present long enough to manifest into physical dysfunction. The energetic imbalance of the aura or dysfunction of the chakra will precede physical symptoms making this work a valuable preventive form of care.


60 min    $100
75 min    $125
90 min    $150